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Looking to take your TPT store to the next level?

If there's 3 things I love it's kombucha, flair pens, and marketing. I love helping educators who are underpaid and overworked take their side businesses to the next level to hit $100k+ by increasing their brands' visibility and income through marketing strategies tailored to their strengths. But once upon a time, I was a 2nd-grade teacher...


Are you gaining momentum in your business and wondering how to make the most of it? 

Are you launching a course or membership soon and need a launch bestie by your side?

Did you recently commit to scaling your business, but you need step-by-step support that's customized to your current needs?

If you answered YES to any of these, then let's chat.


Whether you're just starting out or are a seasoned online entrepreneur, the Routine Your Dream podcast is for you!

  • 1Growing TikTok from Scratch (ZERO to 37,000 Followers in Less than 90 Days) -Client Case Study
  • 2How to Market Your Business When Life Gets Busy
  • 3Think Like a Teacher - Market Like a Millionaire
  • 4Why "Batching" Never Worked for You
  • 5Turtle Time - A Daily Business-Building Habit

3 ways to grow your business with chynell

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The Routine Your Dream podcast

If you're thinking of working with me one day, start here. Listen to the episode to not only "Routine Your Dream" but also to get a taste of what I'm all about. 

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*Currently Booked* 

Check back soon for more availabilities! 

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Private Business Coaching

There are 3 milestones that I do a happy dance for every time I help my clients hit them:

#1 Match Their Teacher Salary

#2 Hit $100K

#3 Hit $500K

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free video tutorial

FREE: How I overcame my video shyness and batched a month of Instagram reels

Short-form video marketing is the #1 skill to practice and consistently implement as part your big-picture marketing strategy. Here's the simplest batching method for beginners.